Joseph Olsen is a father of two boys with a passion for writing. He is one of ten siblings who grew in the Bronx, New York. He currently lives in Cornwall, New York.
A little man who writes poetry, personal essays, and children’s books.
He is currently writing a memoir and a novel, both his first. He started this blog to publish his personal essays and poetry.

Enjoy and feel free to comment on any of the pieces.

Also encouraged is any critiques.

Check out http://www.JosephNOlsen.com for books and more.

“A Professional Writer Is An Amateur Who Didn’t Quit.”
-Richard Bach
“Either Write Something Worth Reading Or Do Something Worth Writing.”
-Benjamin Franklin
“Writers See The World Differently. Every Voice We Hear, Every Face We See, Every Hand We Touch Could Become Story Fabric.”
-Buffy Andrews